Tick Off Your Tasks With Printable Checklists


According to Google (s goog), the biggest competitor to Gmail Tasks is good old-fashioned pen and paper. I still use written lists when planning projects and to make notes to myself. Unfortunately, my handwriting is appalling, which renders my lists useless for other people and, sometimes, even myself! Hence, I was really pleased to come across a little web app called Printable Checklist, which offers a dead simple way of making checklists that you can print out (hat tip to Unclutterer, which originally found it on Lifehacker).

Browse to the Printable Checklist site and you’re presented with a title and your first list item, ready to edit:

The editable Printable Checklist

The editable Printable Checklist

Click on the title to edit it, click on a list item to edit it, add more items using the “Add item” button. That’s all there is to it.

Printable Checklist in action

Printable Checklist in action

When you’re finished with your list you can print it out. Ingenious and simple!



Doris definitely makes this kind of thing much easier. You sign up for a free account, then you can create your todo items and group them if you want. For printing, you have the choice to print all items per group, or all groups and all items. Check it out: http://beta.dorisapp.com

Pamela Poole

Doris, which I talked about recently, also has a print out option (www.beta.dorisapp.com), but I can’t imagine ever needing to use it, since things are so easy to track, reorganize, and check off in the app itself! Plus it’s mobile, so if you have your phone with you (and who doesn’t?), you have your list!


Haven’t you people heard about global warming, ecology, saving the environment, saving the forests ?

The world is DOOMED.


This is simple – yes, but it’s too simple. Adding sharing options and history (based on cookie) – would make it so much more valuable.

In this condition – I agree with Play – it’s not as useful.

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