Sprint Adds 3G Modem Option to New Simply Everything Plan

sprint-mobile-broadband-usb-modem-598u-by-sierra-wirelessI guess that Sprint’s Simply Everything wasn’t exactly everything after all. It’s now the Simply Everything And More Until We Add Something Else plan. ;) OK, it’s really the Simply Everything + Mobile Broadband plan and it’s $149.99 a month. Sprint builds upon the $99 Simply Everything plan by throwing in an EV-DO service for your computer at an extra $50 per month. Simply Everything includes unlimited text, picture and video messaging, GPS navigation, email and web surfing on a handset.

This a slight savings over a 3G modem plan alone, which normally costs $60 a month or so. You don’t really get unlimited 3G usage on either your phone or on the modem, as the TOS of both allow for 5GB per month. Who’s this for, then? Folks that can’t or won’t tether their 3G phone for modem use. Maybe that’s not a bad thing since a 3G phone using EV-DO like those from Sprint and Verizon can’t handle data and voice conversations simultaneously.

Sprint has the details on a special “no wires” themed site. They’re currently throwing in a free Sierra Wireless 598U USB modem as part of the deal.


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