Nero Helps Move Your Videos, Sort Of


The idea behind Nero’s Move it software is a good one. This $50 application lets you move your videos, music, and photos to and from a variety of devices, including your digital camera, cell phone, Windows PC, and web sites like MySpace and YouTube. Unfortunately, the software’s performance isn’t quite as admirable: It’s a bit slow and can be buggy at times.


Move it organizes all of your music, videos, and photos and transfers them between devices and Web sites, transcoding them as necessary. The experience is supposed to be seamless; that is, you should be able to select a video from your PC (Windows computers only) and then select the device you’d like to send it to, and the software should handle all of the work behind the scenes.

Using Move it is easy. The program’s interface is pretty nifty: It displays the locations for all of your multimedia files as icons that run down both the left and right side of the software. You can select one location from the right (say, your digital camera) and another from the left side (your cell phone or YouTube account, for example). Move it supports a wide range of devices — including various cell phones, digital cameras, PSPs, and portable media players — and the company says it will continue to update the app to support new devices as they are released.

Once you’ve selected the two devices or locations you’d like to transfer content between, you then select the content you’d like to transfer. Move it works only with non-DRM protected content, but the company says it supports any file format that’s available. In my tests, it recognized all of the audio, video and photo formats I had available. Once your content is selected, you click an arrow to start the transfer. A progress bar shows you how quickly things are moving along, but you’re not notified about what — if any — kind of transcoding is taking place in the background.

Sometimes the process worked seamlessly; I sent videos to my YouTube account and they appeared instantly. But other times, things didn’t go as smoothly. I tried sending a video I had stored on my laptop over to my iPhone, and Move it told me the process had been successful. But when I went searching for the video on my phone, I never found it. When trying to send another video to my iPod, I got an error message saying simply the video couldn’t be transferred, but never said why.

If Move it worked more consistently, I’d recommend it easily. This app could be indispensable for people with lots of devices and lots of files to move around. As it is, though, the price is a bit high for a product that doesn’t always deliver.

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