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Missing Sync 2.0 Brings Apple Users and Their BlackBerrys Closer Together

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blackberry-mac-bluetoothOnce upon a time, RIM appeared to be on the verge of joining this century and offering native Mac syncing support for Apple-friendly users of the BlackBerry smartphone devices. Unfortunately, nothing has yet come to pass with regards to this┬átantalizing┬árelease, so BlackBerry owners are stuck, for better or for worse, with third-party solutions for the time being. One such solution is Mark/Space, Inc.’s The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0, whose name actually depends on RIM continuing to ignore their Mac customers.

The Missing Sync recently received a major update that will likely leave BlackBerry owners much more content to wait while RIM drags its heels. One of the most significant new features introduced is over-the-air syncing via Bluetooth, which is something I really wish my iPhone could accomplish, since it has everything needed to do so except for the software implementation.

Not only can you sync via Bluetooth, but with Proximity Sync, you can do so automatically whenever your Mac and your BlackBerry are in range of each other. As an added bonus, Proximity Sync does not interrupt anything else you happen to be doing on your computer or your phone at the time, either.

The Bluetooth features may be the show stopper, but there are other new features as well. The Missing Sync now supports iTunes playlists, syncing of other media, and video transfer to and from your BlackBerry device. Not to mention storage and archiving of your SMS and call history, which can be very handy if you bill clients for call time and/or need to settle a lover’s quarrel with hard evidence that yes, she did in fact say that, and you have the text to prove it.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0 is available now for $39.95. Existing users of version 1.0 may qualify for a free upgrade, depending on when you purchased it, or special upgrade pricing of $29.95 is available.

21 Responses to “Missing Sync 2.0 Brings Apple Users and Their BlackBerrys Closer Together”

  1. Nicolas Le Gall

    I had the same problem, fixing ID forever, then after restarting everything, nothing was happening at all.
    Then I spotlight all missing sync files (including prefs) and I deleted it from the mac, restarted it, and reinstalled the soft.
    I did the same on the BB (torch), installed, fixed authorizations (Tools/device/application-> authorize everything), delete the app, reinstalled it.
    I untick everything but the contacts, and then it worked nicely…
    Not as simple and elegant as expected, but now it’s working.

    • Nicolas Le Gall

      It works, but it’s sloooooooowwwwwww.
      I really don’t get why it takes forever to make somthing that BB desktop manager is doing in seconds.

      The plus would be a better music and pictures management, but looking at the speed of the sync….

  2. Gary Williams

    This is the first time I have left a comment like this. After 4 nights of constant messing about trying to get the BlackBerry Bold to sync with my Macbook Pro, I have given up. RIM Desktop software is unreliable and I don’t trust it, so I started to use Missing Sync again after previously abondoning it with my old Pearl. It is a nightmare. One thing after another. If I listed all the problems I’d be here all night. Anyway, for me it is not possible to reliably sync the BlackBerry with the Mac. I love my BlackBerry so will keep this and use my Touch with Mobile Me to keep my calendar and contacts synced. What a disgrace!

  3. Is there any solution to the “fixing record ids” issue. I am experiencing exactly the same problem as the poster above. There is a bar showing that something is happening but there is not progress at all.

    This is a real shame, not only for the fact that I have shelled out 40 USD for this piece of software that doesn’t even work but I have used their Missing Sync for Symbian which worked perfectly on my mac.

    I guess its back to their online support again…

  4. I have the same thing: a window that says “Fixing record id’s: this may take a long time.” followed by an animated bar indicating some action is taking place; underneath is “Overall” and a bar that NEVER moves.

    I installed this software last night and set up the first sync according to the instructions – and the “fixing” ran all night. Had to “force quit” to get out, rebooted both machines (because Missing Sync showed no connection even though the 9700 Bold showed up on the Mac, and even works as a tether – which I ran to make sure it was working – …and it’s doing the same thing.

    The BB menu items Mark Sync suggests to fix connection problems also don’t exist:

    “On the BlackBerry, go to Options > Security Options > Application Permissions > MissingSync > Edit Permissions”

    There IS no “application Permissions” selection. So the very first thing to “troubleshoot” after making sure the two machines are connected can’t be done.

    Do these guys OWN a Blackberry?

    Well, I just killed the “Fixing record id’s” debacle for the third time – and the ONLY mention of that phrase anywhere on the internet is HERE in one previous post – it’s not even in Mark Space’s knowledgebase.

    My critical need is synchronization with Entorage, where I can link calendar actions to contacts and basically do about 80% of what I could with ACT or Outlook. I HATE Windows with a passion, but setting up synchronization with Companionlink on a PC wit XP, ACT 11 and Outlook (Office Ultimate) took 5 minutes to configure and worked the first time – not a single glitch. 20 minutes for the whole first sync. I’ll contact Companionlink – I’ll pray for a beta to try, ’cause after reading the various board posts about Mark Sync support it appears all I can hope for is a refund.

  5. fernando

    Ok this fix the first synch through usb…

    Run Missing Sync on both your Mac and your BB.

    Hold down the Option key on your Mac

    Press the “Synchronize” button on your BB application….

    Now I am stuck in fixing record ids… what is it doing?

  6. I had a similar problem with my BB. after reinstalling the Missing Snyc I found that my USB port was not responding on my 8830. Look about half way down the attached link and follow the instructions to check your USB port.

    After checking that I found another web site that mentioned that his pins on the USB had become bent and after bending back it worked. I did the same and noticed my pins were bent. soon as I straightened them (using a needle and magnifying glass) it worked.

    now snycs both on the usb and via bluetooth. your problem may not be the software but the hardware. good luck.

  7. Wanchaiman

    I love this program & it works without any hiccups. Funnily enough I DID read the instructions :)

    I have a BB 9000 (Bold) and an Intel iMac / 10.5.7 and it all connects seamlessly.

    I love the proximity sync – when I get home it starts syncing even before I take my jacket off.

    I struggled for ages with RIM’s free PocketMac App – but that really is dreadful and should not be available for download if u ask me cos its so dangerous (on your nerves if not on your data…).

    I can highly recommend this to Mac Blackberry users

  8. B Kroekr

    I’m using v. 2.0.2 with a BB 8830, and had a few problems at first, but now things seem to be working okay.

    If you’re having trouble with the first sync, try syncing the “plug-ins” individually (command click on them to show the option). I did this, and subsequent syncs have gone well.

    Also, the application seems to conflict with tethering via bluetooth, which is another problem I was able to fix by fumbling around with the computers Bluetooth settings. I can’t remember what I did specifically, sorry :(

    Finally, make sure all the Bluetooth settings on the device are correct, i.e. the device is discoverable and trusted.

    I still haven’t figured out how to install programs through the application, which has been a minor frustration.

    Other than an overall lack of polish and terrible documentation, I actually recommend the app to anyone looking for a pocketmac alternative. It’s mostly functional, and (supposedly automatic) wireless syncing is a big deal to me.

  9. I own a BB8350i and a MACBOOK PRO and the app 2.0 works great! very happy with the software. I did had some problems but tha was before I removed the stupid POCKETMAC wich was HELL.

  10. what a F-ing nightmare! I’ve been in computer hell for two weeks. i’ve had to do a complete strip and reinstall as the final resort to solving the problems caused by 2.1. and the real insult is that the Missing Sync customer service people are completely missing in action — I agree with Mr. Linder: Shame on them for releasing this flawed product!

  11. Duffer dg

    I just can not get missing sync to connect va usb. Have tried reinstalling but still the same problem. Have treid contacting Mark Space but have not heard a thing from them. I am now stuck. Anybody have any ideas?.

  12. The Great Missing Sync rip off. Mark Space fails to mention it requires a USB cable for the first sync, yet still takes money for the supposed feature of wireless bluetooth sync.

    The company’s technical and pre-sales support is non-existent.

    I am thinking this entire thing is a thieving scam. This product is awful and they declare all product sales are final. I hope they and their company goes to hell soon.

    Mark Space are thieves. Do not buy from them.

  13. cliff, did you get a response from them? my friend has it working on his Bold/Mac and I bought it because of him… I’m having the same problem you are… Just wrote the software company but I was wondering if you heard back! Thanks.

  14. i’m having the same major issue. Any one resolve this? the first sync says quickly “fixing id records” and then in an instant it shows that the sync can’t be done. This is taking up a lot of time to try and figure out. I reinstalled the app a few times yet still having major trouble.

  15. I agree with Dan and Jeff. This program in a piece of crap. It says to first sync via the USB cable and then Bluetooth after that. The problem is that it requires Bluetooth to even hit the sync button and completely ignores the USB. This is a chicken and egg situation. It has driven me completely crazy. The people at Missing Sync are no help either. Their support is only online and I posted my tech support ticket over 24 hours ago and haven’t heard a word back. They were quick to process my credit card and now I am stuck having paid 30 dollars for something which doesn’t work and I have no recourse from them. STAY AWAY FROM MISSING SYNC and MARK/SPACE. They are and their product are LAME.

  16. Dan Rempel

    Jeff is not the only one. I’ve used version 1 for years. I upgraded to 2.0 and everything broke. I can’t get an initial sync via USB to happen. It only allows a bluetooth connection – but when you connect via bluetooth, it tells you first sync must be done via usb. So nothing. Very very disappointed.

  17. I’ve had zero problems with Missing Sync for Blackberry v2.0. Both iCal and Address Book appear to be fine and doing well. Right now I’ve got about 1100 cards in my Address Book, which is also synching to my contacts and organizations in Daylite.

    Not sure why you’re having such a huge problem with it.

  18. Jeff Linder

    Whatever you do DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE MISSING SYNC FOR BLACKBERRY V. 2.0 unless you want a disaster syncing your BlackBerry to Address Book and iCal. This app is clearly not ready for prime time. I have experienced missing data and constant syncing errors. In addition, instead of a minute or two for a sync with Missing Sync for BB v. 1.0, this now takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes (!) depending on how much data you have. The benefit of using Bluetooth is certainly not worth the pain of downloading, paying for and trying to configure a disastrous upgrade. Mark/Space, shame on you for releasing such a flawed piece of software.

  19. Jose Antonio Suarez Estevez

    Interesante que apple permita sincronizar de forma tan simple via bluetoth
    A una bb antes que al iphone, entiendo que para sincronizar musica videos
    E incluso aplicociones, se tenga que usar el itunes pero para sincronizar los
    Contactos , calendaros correos etc, las cosas basicas del dia a dia deberia
    Poderse usar un sistema tan util sencillo practico y transparente como es el
    Sync 2.0 via bluetoth.