Missing Sync 2.0 Brings Apple Users and Their BlackBerrys Closer Together

blackberry-mac-bluetoothOnce upon a time, RIM appeared to be on the verge of joining this century and offering native Mac syncing support for Apple-friendly users of the BlackBerry smartphone devices. Unfortunately, nothing has yet come to pass with regards to this tantalizing release, so BlackBerry owners are stuck, for better or for worse, with third-party solutions for the time being. One such solution is Mark/Space, Inc.’s The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0, whose name actually depends on RIM continuing to ignore their Mac customers.

The Missing Sync recently received a major update that will likely leave BlackBerry owners much more content to wait while RIM drags its heels. One of the most significant new features introduced is over-the-air syncing via Bluetooth, which is something I really wish my iPhone could accomplish, since it has everything needed to do so except for the software implementation.

Not only can you sync via Bluetooth, but with Proximity Sync, you can do so automatically whenever your Mac and your BlackBerry are in range of each other. As an added bonus, Proximity Sync does not interrupt anything else you happen to be doing on your computer or your phone at the time, either.

The Bluetooth features may be the show stopper, but there are other new features as well. The Missing Sync now supports iTunes playlists, syncing of other media, and video transfer to and from your BlackBerry device. Not to mention storage and archiving of your SMS and call history, which can be very handy if you bill clients for call time and/or need to settle a lover’s quarrel with hard evidence that yes, she did in fact say that, and you have the text to prove it.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0 is available now for $39.95. Existing users of version 1.0 may qualify for a free upgrade, depending on when you purchased it, or special upgrade pricing of $29.95 is available.


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