Littlefox Adds More Firefox Real Estate on Small Screens


Last week, I passed along a small-screen browsing tip for netbooks and sub-notebooks. You can use mobile-friendly websites instead of desktop versions and usually get more info on smaller displays. Today, OStatic tips me off to another one: it’s an oldie but a goodie.

OStatic recommends using the Littlefox extension for Firefox and I can see why. Littlefox is more of a custom theme than anything else, but it helps get a wee bit more content on your display. It’s especially useful if you want to keep multiple toolbars on your screen since it uses littler, er smaller custom icons and toolbar sizes.

While you could always hit F11 and go full-screen in Firefox, Littlefox crams more in the regular view. Not sure if Littlefox is for you? Check out this video over at Linux Journal to get a feel for the free extension.


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