LA and Bill Clinton's Foundation Installing Largest City LED Program


billclintonlasvegasWhile Hillary Clinton is undertaking her first mission as Secretary of State to Asia to discuss international climate change measures, her husband and his foundation have announced a project to work with the city of Los Angeles to install 140,000 LEDs over the next 5 years. The Los Angeles LED plan is being dubbed the largest LED retrofit program undertaken by a city to date and is supposed to save enough electricity to reduce carbon emissions by 40,500 tons per year.

Of course LED lights still cost more than incandescent and compact fluorescents, and the city will have to invest millions on the plan — and getting those funds allocated isn’t so easy in the budget years of this down turn. But the Clinton Foundation says that over 7 years the program will save $48 million through the city’s reduced energy bill, and after 7 years — when the loan that will fund installation of the lights is repaid — the city will save another $10 million per year in energy-related savings.

What wasn’t mentioned is which vendor (or vendors) managed to snag such a high profile LED project. But we’re waiting to hear back from the groups on whether or not vendors have yet been chosen. Cities’ clean power and energy efficiency projects can provide very important early customers for young companies with next-generation technology.

(Photo I took of Bill Clinton in Las Vegas last year.)

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