Facebook Was Made for the iPhone

It’s been about five days since I ditched my iPhone (s aapl) and made the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (s rimm) my primary device. There are many things I miss about the iPhone, such as surfing the Internet with a full-blown browser. More importantly, I miss Facebook Mobile. And I am missing it even more on the road, since I’m trying to limit my computer usage while on this trip.

The Facebook for iPhone app allowed me to get through a whole lot of stuff really really fast. It was easy to click and upload photos, approve friends, respond to events and send short messages. I constantly changed my status and, most importantly, enjoyed checking out photos of my friends.

The Facebook for BlackBerry app allows me to do all of those things, too, just not nearly as easily. While one would think that a full keyboard would make things better, the app is challenging to use (other than, admittedly, answering messages, which is actually much faster — but that’s about it). It’s like driving around a sleek Aston Martin (Facebook Mobile on iPhone) for a year, only to have it replaced by a Honda (Facebook on BlackBerry).

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