eGuiders Launches (Another) Web Vid Directory


eGuiders is a recently launched site that provides editorial recommendations for what it considers to be the best video on the web. It likens itself to a TV Guide for the Internet, and if your only source of information were USA Today, you’d think eGuiders was the first one to think of this, shall we call it, newteevee guide.


But alas, eGuiders is not the first, second or even third player in the web video recommendation space. Other sites such as Tubefilter, Tilzy and even our own NewTeeVee Station (disclosure, all three of us are working together to produce the Streamy Awards) all aim to cut through the clutter of web video to point out what’s worth watching online.

So what makes eGuiders different? For one, none of these existing sites have traditional media heavyweights like Damon Lindelof (Lost), Shawn Ryan (The Shield) or John Landis (Animal House) contributing recommendations.

This traditional media connection is no surprise, as eGuiders’ co-founder and CEO Marc Ostrick is sort of a bridge between old media and new. He’s a filmmaker who worked to deliver webisodes and other online extensions of programs such as John From Cincinnati and 24.

Los Angeles-based eGuiders received a seed round from a private investor, and it currently has three employees. While it does have some high-profile recommenders, those are just the guest eGuiders, and a core team of independent contractors from the old and new media worlds provides the rest of the reviews. eGuiders took its beta public on Dec. 22, and it plans to make money through advertising and possibly widget syndication. Which sounds a bit dicey, considering non-scalable editorial fees and the whole global economy meltdown.

During a phone interview with Ostrick today, I asked him about the existing competition, and how eGuiders is different. Ostrick said that eGuiders is going after a slightly older demographic (24 and up) and is not trying to keep up with the latest series. Many recommendations, according to Ostrick, will be hidden gems from yesteryear. Case in point: on the eGuiders homepage today showcases Rejected, on, a video from 2000.

While I may not be eGuiders’ target audience, I’m not sure exactly what new it is bringing to the online video guide table. Sure, finding out what the co-creator of Lost finds amusing online is kind of neat, but at the end of the day, do I need another site to tell me that You Suck at PhotoShop is funny?


Marc Ostrick

Thanks for amending your post, Thomas. Exit Stage Left is a great show and we are happy to be featuring it on our site.

I’d also like to thank Chris for the interview we had. However, I do think that a certain percentage of the population DOES need to have You Suck At Photoshop put into some kind of context or framework. That is the whole point of our site. We are trying to reach a whole other audience than NewTeeVee.

I feel we are a consumer facing site while this B2B trade blog is focusing on industry insiders and content creators in the space. I respect and admire the reporting that NewTeeVee is doing as well TubeFilter & Tilzy.

Being the new kid at school, I’m hoping that there’s room at the lunch table for eGuiders as well.

Marc Ostrick
CEO & Co-Founder,

Thomas Koch

To amend my post above, It seems that the search is now working a bit better than it was before, as I was able to type in the show and have it come up as the first result.

If you notice the tubemogul deconstruction of where hits come for videos, 80% of them come from blogs like this one. I suspect eguiders aims to be a central place for video recommendations. Just like this one.

Brian Zafron

@ Chris

Thanks for your reply. While I think Klosterman is an amazing writer, I think he was either high on “Sex, drugs, and coco puffs” when he said apples and oranges are basically the same thing…. or he was, more likely, trying to make a point that others would quote him on later down the line.

I’m not usually one to get involved in comment sections, but I kinda feel passionately about this one. And while I totally agree with you that all these sites are taking an editorial spin on web video, the fact that one site is a citrus and the other sites are…. um… whatever apples are…. they’re still going to be in different bins at the supermarket. And isn’t that enough? Don’t we like having different bins at the supermarket? Don’t we need those different bins?

And just on a structural and aesthetic level, you get a COMPLETELY different experience on this new site. Polished, aura of authority, yada yada…

Chris Albrecht


As Chuck Klosterman pointed out — apples and oranges are actually quite similar (small, round fruits).

I really don’t think I’m being hyperbolic. I mentioned the differences, but at its heart, eGuiders wants to be an editorially-driven web video guide.

John Locke

I will watch anything that an executive producer of Lost suggests that I watch.

Brian Zafron

I think we’re kinda comparing apples and oranges here, Chris. The purpose of an eguiders, from what I can tell, is different from that of those other sites you mentioned. Sure, they all aim to cut through the clutter and direct you to what’s happening online. Just like Facebook and both help you network and meet people. Maybe I’m being hyperbolic, but … I mean… aren’t you?

Thomas Koch

I’m not sure either the purpose of the site, other than to be another source for promoting your series or finding other online content. However, it is in “beta” and I found it VERY difficult to find content that you know exists, but isn’t recommended as the first 3.

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