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Smarty Plans: Technologies that could take our decades-old infrastructure to new levels of intelligence include traffic forecasters, remote-controlled vehicles, smart meters and electronic reservoir monitors. — Wall Street Journal

Green Acres: Green Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, are taking off in the residential sector as firms gear up for a future when real estate agents pitch inefficient homes as “energy fixers.” — NYT’s Green Inc.

A Call to Kill the Hydrogen Car: Want to free up $1 billion in the federal budget for advanced vehicle technology R&D? Then scale back the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle program. — Climate Progress

Texas Plugs In: Texas state lawmakers have proposed a $4,000 state subsidy for plug-in hybrid buyers and a measure to replace the state’s fleet of vehicles with plug-ins (if they’re not too expensive). — Green Car Congress

Could Cleantech Save the Valley?: Since November, Silicon Valley has seen a spike in job losses — but not in the cleantech sector, according to a new economic report. — CNET’s Green Tech

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