Android HTC Magic (G2) unveiled


The successor to the T-Mobile G1 Android phone has been announced at the MWC in Spain.  The HTC Magic will be released by Vodafone (s vod) and is sleeker and thinner than the original Android phone, the G1, also by HTC.  That thinnest is due to the loss of the hardware keyboard which may not sit well with those who love them some QWERTY.

The specs of the Magic do not show any surprises and indicate this is simply a refresh of the G1.  HTC has seen fit to retain the proprietary headphone jack, which is just plain silly.  The HTC Magic will be exclusive to Vodafone for a while and released in Europe first.




James, I do not intend to hint that you don’t know better – you must know a whole lot more of the still unveiled inside stuff. After all you are the wizards on the run :)
But … I wonder if your optimism is based on that knowledge or assumptionspredictions.


bbbbooooorrrrriiiinnnngggggg, HW KB was about the only thing the G1 had going for it. this phone is about as boring as the entire Android OS itself.

Google should be embarrassed a post launch, much smaller company, commercial OS, like Palm is about to come out & is going to crush them.

James Kendrick

tal, this is a nice phone and don’t worry, there’s not any “no Android” hype here. I’m happy with my G1 phone and we are excited about the future devices we are bound to see coming Real Soon Now.


this is just another nail in the no-android hype that is going to storm us all after Barcelona. I wonder how you guys here in jkontherun are not anticipating it already. It was written on the wall for a few weeks already!

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