Nokia Signs Chip Deal With Qualcomm


Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has signed a deal with Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) to use its chipsets in 3G phones, initially to be focused on the North American market. The handsets will use the Symbian operating system. Nokia also has chipset deals with Broadcom and the recent Ericsson/STMicro partnership reports ZDNet UK. The first Nokia handsets with Qualcomm chips won’t hit the stores until the middle of next year, and hopefully for the companies the economy will be better by then and people more eager to buy high-end phones. It’s a good deal for Qualcomm because it strengthens ties with the largest mobile phone manufacturer, and it could help Nokia break into NA, where it is traditionally weak. It seems both sides can benefit now that they’re not fighting over patent royalties.

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