@ MWC: MySpace Details Aggressive Mobile App Approach For Social Networking On The Go


imageMySpace said today in Barcelona it has plans to develop new applications for Nokia’s S60 phones and also the upcoming Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre, adding to a long list of platforms it already supports. Clearly, the company believes in standalone experiences made for each individual mobile phone. It already has applications for such smartphone as the iPhone, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android, Sidekick and BlackBerry. John Faith, vp and gm of MySpace Mobile: “We want our users to be able to access MySpace from any device,. We are committed to building apps for platforms we feel are groundbreaking to offer our users the best possible on-the-go MySpace experience.”

MySpace also has plans for people who aren’t fortunate enough to have a smartphone. The company, which anticipates half of its 130 million global users accessing the site by phone over the next few years, is also launching an updated version of the MySpace Mobile Website at m.myspace.com or wap.myspace.com. Some of the new features include a more compact user interface, a familiar “MySpace blue” color scheme and the ability to configure email photo upload (although MySpace requires you to activate the photo uploading capability online before you can do it from the phone, which seems a bit backwards). The redesign also includes a new architecture, which although we can’t see, will allow MySpace to scale rapidly as more users jump on board. The new mobile Website supports 13 languages and is localized for 29 countries. The announcement, made here at Mobile World Congress, proceeds the Thursday’s keynote by MySpace’s CEO and co-Founder Chris DeWolfe.

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Desmond Pieri

Tricia, what MySpace needs is to release ONE mobile application that runs on MOST feature phones. Due to the classic "network effect" having a MySpace app on my phone only makes sense if MOST of my MySpace friends have the app also. This'll never happen with the current fragmented,"point solution" offerings on iPhone and other smart phones. If MySpace were to write their application in Nemo (www.everypoint.com) they could have one app that would immediately work on over one BILLION phones that are in people's hands today.


yeah, certainly a smart step – especially to compete with the other social networking giant facebook in the mobile space

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