Mobile Content Bits: Orange Widgets; MBlox Zero Data Charge; Ad-Subsidized Handsets


imageOrange Launches Widgets: Orange is launching mobile widgets preloaded on their phones, which will give customers access to information like weather updates and news alerts via their homescreens. The idea appears to be to encourage people without multi-functional phones to use mobile content services. It will launch in May and be rolled out to all European markets. Orange is also expanding its Application Shop to support more platforms. (release)

MBlox Trials Data Included: MBlox has launched a cross-operator “sender-pays data” trial, where the cost of the data to download a piece of mobile content is included in the original price. Content providers have been eager for this for years, and although a few have tried they haven’t managed to get all the carriers on board. MBlox’s UK trial involves “most UK network operators, covering over 75 percent of consumers”. The four content providers involved are Fox Mobile Distribution, ShortsTV, Incentivated and Creative North. A

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