Windows Mobile 6.5 unveiled- devices now called Windows phones


The Microsoft (s MSFT) press event at MWC is now over and while I digest what was covered I knew you’d want to see the new Windows Mobile 6.5.  Here are some screen shots of the new OS in action.  Note that devices will now be called “Windows phones” as per Microsoft.



Is Microsoft really that stupid? The key to having a platform everybody wants is with applications. This is why the Windows operating system reigns the desktop computer world. (that is changing…) But why would they only allow a maximum of 9 application icons on that horridly looking honey comb interface screen on the Windows Phone? Do they expect everyone to scroll up and down to get to their apps? Scrolling might look neat, but it sure will get annoying. When you want to get to your 17th app, for example, you have to scroll … and scroll … and scroll … until app #17 appears.

Compare that to the iPhone. 16 customizable apps fit on the main screen. If you want to get to your 17th app, you just flick once, and the next set of apps appear. You can reach your 32nd app with one flick, and one key press.

Seriously Microsoft. It doesn’t hurt to copy a good design. Who cares if people say that you did. You’ve got enough money not to care. Just make a good UI for your phone for once.

The mobile phone is the new playground to be inventive on user input, and you definitely need to get rid of the scrolling. There aren’t scroll wheels on phones. Only on mice attached to a computer. This is a different device, so recreate and rethink the input method.

You can see it coming. MSFT is losing steam on the browser, the desktop OS, and Windows Mobile. The iPhone has over 15,000 apps in a matter of 2 years, and Windows Mobile only has 20,000 in a matter of almost a decade.

Everything I use is Microsoft, I own a company that supports Microsoft products, and I actually thank you for making things so crappy for users. It’s good business for me because I can figure out your products and charge other people for it. But as for me personally, I’m probably moving to a much easier interface. (And changing my business model very soon.)


completely redundant … look at the LG thing. Eventually we are talking about full PC power (Atom or the likes), and Windows7 adopted to smartphones is the better approach.


ah what the heck, perhaps i’ll give WM 6.5 a chance; it seems like 2009 is going to be about smartphone os’s rediscovering themselves.

palm, i’ll give you another chance so to be fair i’ll give WM 6.5 one more chance too.

windows, this is your last chance. its been well over 8 years of having a phone os and yet we are still struggling w/a usuable, fluid gui.

here’s a tip: LOCK DOWN YOUR HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS A BIT MORE! the Moto Q was a prime example of a phone that SHOULD NEVER have had a smartphone os on it. the hardware was just crap.

laughs at how rim and apple were able to release their first touchscreen phones and already were quite far above the WM world in gui/design.

just my .02 though..



I really don’t recall Windows Mobile upgrades ever costing anything beyond the time it takes to install the firmware and resync your data.

It really depends on the carrier though. HTC released the 6.0 to 6.1 updates as a firmware update, and most of their phones had 5.0 to 6.0 the same way.


While none of this news is really “new”, it’s nice to finally see/hear announcements that are official and to see the results of those announcements… I mean seriously– ~50 phones from LG alone over the next few years?! Wow.

Also, if you saw the photos of the new HTC Touch Pro 2 with it’s b-e-a-utiful 3.6″ screen and keyboard glory, I’m super psyched about that news… as long as the battery life is decent, of course. Although with that big a screen, they ought to have plenty of room in it for a hefty battery.


Puzzle shape thingy? Oh, you must mean the honey-comb. It’s actually very useful and user-friendly, and I kinda wish they’d add it to Windows 7 when used on Touch-screen computers, lol. I’ve been playing with the leaked preview a bit.

Christopher Welle

Will it cost like all other Windows Mobile OS’s to update from 6?


Now that Home screen looks like a Zune but I don’t like that Windows key menu puzzle shape thingy. It really looks dumb and not functional. What ever Microsoft calls it, this OS really needs to be revamped to compete with everything else.

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