@ MWC: Operator Portals Dominate In GSMA, UK Carrier Mobile Ad Study; Commercial Service To Launch


The GSMA will launch a commercial audited mobile measurement service in the second half of the year, following its year-long study with the UK’s top five mobile operator into mobile audience metrics. The association also reported the results of the study. Conducted in part with comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) and ABC Electronic, it was aimed at surmounting one of the biggest hurdles in mobile advertising: the lack of consistent and transparent standards, or as the GSMA’s director of entertainment and media Henry Stevens calls it, a “common currency” for the industry. The study results, based on anonymous data from the UK’s top portals, will give brands, publishers and agencies access to real, aggregated mobile audience data, which offers insight into the most popular sites, ranked by number of visitors, page impressions, time and duration of visits. Stevens says, “We were able to retain the unique anonymous mobile id [in the study]. You know that a particular device has carried out a certain browsing experience over time, can report what type of individual that that handset represents.”

Highlights of the Report:

— Smooth operators: Operator portals continue to command the lion

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