@ MWC: Nokia Takes A Shot At Motorola: Relying On One Product Is Like Walking On A Razor’s Edge


One of the funny comments made this morning at Nokia’s press conference at Mobile World Congress slipped by without much attention, but it seemed the largest handset maker in the world — which is typically quite reserved in its Scandinavian ways — took a stab at Motorola (NYSE: MOT). Kai Oistamo, EVP of devices took the stage to talk about the upcoming N97, Nokia’s flagship device, which boosts the highest resolution screen, a full qwerty keyboard and a slew of integrated services. He announced that the device will be available in June. “The excitement and anticipation has been fantastic, but as great as it is — and trust me it is great — you need a complete portfolio of products.” And, here comes the pun: “To be successful in this climate, relying on one product is like walking on a razor

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