Distributing Content Via A Handset Camera


When 2-D barcodes/QR Codes first came out they were sometimes touted as providing content through the camera — of course this wasn’t the case, generally they merely provided information which could be converted to a link that would let people download the content over the data network. Japanese companies Aplix and MediaSeek have teamed up to change that, offering a way to download applications through an image captured by the camera in a mobile handset. Of course there’s some sleight-of-hand, with the downloads possible by having common reusable data and code pre-installed as the runtime environment. By taking multiple photographs “high quality games equivalent to the initial i-mode games can be easily loaded”. The applications distributed this way are by necessity simple, although probably not as simple as the ones I typed into my Vic 20, copying from magazines. The solution is intended for emerging markets where there aren’t very good networks. It’s not going to replace any other method (including bluetooth and IR), but could be useful where there’s nothing else. (release)

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