Weekend Vid Picks: Ace of Cakes‘s UGC Contest Makes Valentine’s Day Sweeter


Valentine’s Day is one of those tricky holidays, as those not lucky in love tend to feel alienated by all the attention showered on happy couples. Conversely, those enamored with their partners have no need for the cynicism that accompanies being alone on V-Day. But whether single, married, dating, engaged, or “It’s Complicated,” everyone can pretty much agree on cake being rad.

Enter the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, which ran a YouTube contest challenging bakers to submit videos of their Valentine’s Day Cake creations. The 12 best responses were announced this week, and good grief some sexy cakes made the line-up, representing a delightful range from amateur to professional pâtissiers.

Rachael Scharett, a self-proclaimed newcomer to cake decorating, made the final list with a heart-shaped box cake that came out really well — especially after she made the few key modifications necessary to win over a man…

While Miel is a charming vlogger, her video lacks crucial information — like, say, the fact that the cake is both vegan and organic. But it sure doesn’t look either vegan or organic — as the recipe suggests, it just looks moist and delicious.

David, the creator of the most rockin’/romantic of all the cakes featured, doesn’t engage with the camera at all. But his video still captures the painstaking effort put into his entry, which depicts a knight in shining armor fending off a dragon…with a Fender Bass guitar. No, I don’t get it either, but it’s a really good-looking cake.

No. 1 on the winner’s playlist, and the clear standout, was Jennifer Wilson of Red Carpet Cakes, who enlisted some professional production help — as well as her half-decent comedic chops — to document the making of her three-foot-tall conversation hearts cake.

Getting 12 quality videos out of a UGC contest is quite an achievement, and it’s nice to see that every single contributor seems genuinely excited to be participating. Why? Because cake is awesome.

I mean, sure, the problem with watching lots of videos of cake is that it makes you want cake. But at least you’ve had a chance to scout out your options before picking out the piece of cake you’re going to settle on. Sounds a lot like the dating scene, actually, when you think about it.


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that is the coolest thing I’ve seen when it comes to cakes. I think the people who make those cakes are truely artist, because only and artist can make something look so and cool and tast so good.

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