eReader versions coming for Blackberry, Android, Linux, E-Ink

eReader will soon be on all of these

eReader will soon be on all of these

It’s no secret what we think about eReader here on jkOnTheRun.  Kevin and I have both been using eReader and buying books for it for years.  One of the strengths of eReader has always been the multiple platform support, something that was last indicated with the great iPhone version that Fictionwise produced.

We got fresh information from the folks at Fictionwise that we just have to pass on.  There will be a beta version of eReader for the BlackBerry released very soon (think days).  This is great news for crackberries and for me in particular, with my brand-new Storm.  The BlackBerry platform is one for which owners have long cried for a version of eReader and a lot of folks are going to be very pleased at this news.

Fictionwise is not content to sit back with that big news, however — nope, they are also hard at work on an Android version of eReader.  The coders are locked in a room, and the first Android version should be out “springish.”  This is great for me too, given my T-Mobile G1 feels left out of the ebook reading goodness.

This is a lot of news to take in at once but it doesn’t end there.  There is also a Linux version of eReader in progress.  This version should see the light of day “summerish” and could be big news for netbook owners out there.  eReader would be a great fit for the netbook and Linux-based MIDs, so this is great to hear.

Last but not least comes some surprising news from Fictionwise about eReader.  They are also working on “several E-ink” ports.  They can’t give any details about what devices/platforms this might entail but there aren’t that many out there right now.  I don’t think Amazon would put eReader on the Kindle, but maybe Sony would give it a shot?


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