Weekend Question: Is Cable a Bargain or a Big Waste?

My wife and I went through the fun exercise of evaluating our household budget this week. Quicken is a harsh mistress, and made no bones about the fact that one of our bigger ongoing expenses is the cable bill. Given the belt-tightening at casa Albrecht, is it time to cut that pricey cord?


  • It’s expensive. That’s $80 a month that could be spent on something else (or saved).
  • Most of what’s worth watching on TV is online for free, and my Netflix Watch Instantly queue works like a charm.
  • Who doesn’t want to stick it to the cable company and their bandwidth-capping, access-metering ways?


  • What’s online is on my computer and not on the TV screen.
  • Even if it was hooked up, the free TV programming would not be in HD.
  • Cable is already hooked up and it always works; there no such thing as buffering issues.
  • I watch a lot of TV.

I’m sure there are other reasons, which is where you come in. What’s your advice; is it time to break out the scissors? Have you cut out cable, and if so, do you miss it?


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