Sony Vaio P hacked for HSDPA- scary stuff

tnkgrl-modWhen the Sony Vaio P started shipping to customers it became clear that the U.S. version of the little notebook wasn’t using its technology fully.  Sony has put the Gobi technology into the Vaio P, which makes it theoretically capable of working with just about every 3G network in existence but they have only enabled the CDMA stuff to work with Verizon.

Not one to accept limitations in her mobile gear, tnkgrl (who I was happy to meet recently) took her shiny new Vaio P and opened it up to both a soldering iron and a hacker’s toolkit.  The end result is a new Vaio P with HSDPA support that she can use on her network of choice.  She has detailed the process for those who also have the guts to try this.  This scares me but less wimpy geeks may be willing to give it a try.


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