Smule Raises a $3.9M Round of Funding


smule_logoWe here at TheAppleBlog have posted a fair bit about Smule and their iPhone/iPod touch applications. Their apps are a bit off the wall (which seems like a winner in the App Store), but pack a lot of potential under the hood (as I indicated here). Well yesterday they proved it — in case you felt my wild guesstimates weren’t trustworthy enough — by raising $3.9M in funding.

Despite the static on the web lately about the pros and cons of the App Store, there are developers making it big, as Smule has clearly illustrated here. They built up a following of a million customers within months of launching their first application, and only continue to grow in popularity.

Blending high tech, advanced audio processes, and unique social networking concepts seems to be the secret sauce behind Smule’s success. One bold move has been making their Sonic Modem technology available to other developers to allow different applications to communicate and worth with one another. (One such developer has already jumped at the opportunity that Sonic Modem offers, with Electric Smoke, which can be lit using Sonic Lighter.)

With this new infusion of cash, Smule plans to continue bringing music in presumably unique ways to the masses (of iPhone/iPod touch users). CTO and Co-Founder, Ge Wang had this to say, “Smule has only begun to tap the creative potential of people around the world, [and] we will help people experience music as it’s never been experienced before and in turn find new ways of bringing people together.”



If they did so well in the appstore why did they pursue VC funding? Having been in a few vc funded companies this isn’t necessarily a good indication.

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