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Outlook Web Access grows up- goes Live on other browsers

I don’t use an Exchange Server anymore but when I did I was regularly using Outlook Web Access which aggravated me to no end.  OWA just doesn’t play as nicely with browsers not of the Internet Explorer variety and it annoyed me to switch to IE just to access my Exchange Server.

My recent trip caused some concern along these lines as my wife couldn’t access her work Exchange account with IE8 in Windows 7.  She had to switch to Firefox to get in at all and send email which is obviously not what Microsoft intended.

Word is coming out today that Outlook Web Access is going to become Outlook Live and actually support all popular browsers.  Outlook Live will require Exchange 14 to work so your Server will have to be updated before you can use it but it’s great to see OWA getting all cloudy as it should.  The video below shows how Outlook Live will work and that it looks pretty nice.  Can you imagine threaded conversations in Outlook Live?  I sure can.

(via CNET)

4 Responses to “Outlook Web Access grows up- goes Live on other browsers”

  1. I don’t know much about OWA, but for my work I just point my ActiveSync on a windows mobile phone, or the email app on the iPhone to the company OWA address and it works just like a push email service. So you might want to give that a try too. Definitely better than the texty mobile version of OWA.