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New iPhone Case Backing Photos Making the Rounds

154412-chinaaSome new spy shots of what some sites are claiming could be the new back case of an upcoming iPhone revision have been popping up in all the usual places recently. The images are surprisingly clear and in-focus, considering the general quality of early leaked shots, and depict what appears to be a matte black finish with etched or inlaid metal Apple logo and product detail writing.

The original source of one of the photos, iPodObserver, and the source of yet another that appears to be of the same casing, MacRumors, are both of the opinion that the case-back is made of metal, though I have my doubts. Metal casing would be a move backwards in iPhone development, since the original reason for switching to plastic was to improve signal reception by reducing interference. It could be a rough or rubberized plastic finish with the same shiny inlay as the current generation, though, which in my mind would be a sexy improvement.

Many suspect a new iPhone to be slated for a June release, marking the one year anniversary of the iPhone 3G’s official unveiling. Never before have images of the actual production model been leaked so early, which doesn’t say much for the authenticity of the photo. At the same time, the original source, iPodObserver, was responsible for leaking images of the iPhone 3G that turned out to be genuine, so they have a good track record. The apparent source of the photos is also China, which is where Apple has its manufacturing facilities.

If the photos are fakes, they’re very convincing ones. In fact, they already have me budgeting for this purchase come June. Yep, all it takes is photos of the back case that may or may not be real. I’m very weak.

More photos (from MacRumors):


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