Another Step for MobileMe: File Sharing is Active


One of the things demoed by Phil Schiller when MobileMe was introduced was the ability to easily share files on your iDisk with others. The idea was that you’d select a file on the iDisk, choose to share it, and then add password protection and/or an expiration date for the link.

Then you’d key in the email address(es) of those you want to share the file with, and they’d get an email with a download link. 

It all looked pretty slick, but there was just one little thing wrong: When MobileMe went live, this feature was MIA

Well, not any more.


I tested the feature (with password) and it worked as advertised. One thing you’ll notice is that there’s a new “folder” listed on your iDisk in MobileMe. It’s called Shared Files, and is of course empty at first, but immediately contains a reference to any files you share.


Keep in mind you can only select one file to Share at a time. If you have multiple files you’d like to share, to avoid sending links for each one I suggest the following:

  1. Select all the files. 
  2. From the Actions menu (Gear icon), select Compress.
  3. A file called Archive will be created on the iDisk. 
  4. Now just Share the Archive file as usual. 

When the user downloads Archive (on the Mac, at least), it’s automatically expanded into the original files. 

I think this is a pretty slick solution for sharing a few files with someone as opposed to trying to have them navigate your Public folder. Especially if the intended recipient is not technically savvy. Getting an email with a download link is about as simple as it gets.