Travel Mag Publisher Merricks Goes Under, Blames Lack Of Bank Finance


Small, Bath-based independent publisher Merricks Media has gone to the wall, in the hands of administrators after running out of money – 22 jobs lost. The company publishes contract mags in travel and overseas property – two areas on which people are cutting back spending – plus nine websites including Homes Worldwide and Get Me Down Under.

Founder Lisa Doerr blamed the bankers (via “After 11 years and a lot of work and passion, the business closed due to a lack of finance from the banks. The business was carrying quite a bit of debt and the bank was not willing to put together a rescue plan with outside investors.” After commenters on ThisIsBath criticised Doerr’s management, she added: “It’s not just the banks who are to blame


Baron Greenback

The sad thing is that the directors invoiced clients for upfront amounts knowing full well they were going out of business. They are nothing more than crooks.

howard stapleton

I have subscribed to the French magazine for years, enjoying the features, competitions and getting information on places to stay when touring France. However it had become clear over the past six months that the decline of the British property market was reflected in fewer properties for sale and generally less advertising. As the exchange rate deteriorated to a 1 for 1 almost between the Euro and Pound any plans we had for revisiting a favourite country dwindled proportionately. I was disappointed after having subscribed in advance for two years last August via the special offer that the magazine ended within a few months. Despite having lost financially with no hope of recompense I am still more upset at the loss of the magazine.


I would like to know what is going to happen to the customers money which Merricks Media continued to demand from their advertisers knowing that the magazine will never be published. Or wil it?. We are only a small B&B in the Central France and we were advertising in French magazine for three years. We have never received a word from Merricks Media about liquidation, or any news or note about publications of the magazine, in fact the opposite: in Jnuary we've received an invoice for the whole next year of advertising, which was paid in the end of January 2009. After finding out from the press about thier liquidation we tried to contact Merricks Media but all the numbers are permanently engaged. We have send an e-mail to the company and awaiting their response to our questions. We guess, that we will wait forever, as all the e-mails are bouncing back as undelivered.
We think , that the least Mrs Doerr and her staff could do is to be honest with their customers and send just a small e-mail to everyone to let people know what is happenning.
Let's say, if they ever pick up again, we will not be there, because the loyal customers are the last on their list.

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