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Sony Music Re-Ups With YouTube; First Major Label In Second Wave

As expected, Sony (NYSE: SNE) Music Entertainment is the first major label to re-sign with YouTube, AllThingsD reported tonight and I can confirm. Details are unclear so I can’t tell you whether YouTube was able to get rid of minimum guarantees or Sony got some compromises when it comes to how advertising is sold. Equally unclear: whether whatever Sony and YouTube agreed to will be enough to re-up EMI and Universal Music — or to budge Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG), which was first in on the front end but split with the site late last year.

Peter Kafka says the final details also are unclear to him but that people familiar with the matter tell him “negotiations revolved around three components: an upfront payment from YouTube to Sony, the minimum amount Sony will receive each time someone plays a Sony video on the site, and the way the two sides will split revenue generated by any of the label

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