UMPC Recipe for Success: Mod a MID


Tired of waiting for promised MIDs and disappointed that UMPCs are headed the way of the dodo? I suppose you could make do with lesser alternatives. That’s not your only option though. Case in point: this video from jkkmobile.

The master of mods took the best parts of a MID and added some nice touches to create his own pocketable computer. You’ll recognize the original device as the Aigo MID. jkk added a matte-finish carbon-fiber face to avoid fingerprints. The backside of the device now includes a second battery which should easily boost the original two-hour run-time to between four and five hours. Linux went away in favor of Windows XP, although I think Linux would be fine for browsing, IM, Skype and such. Different strokes for different folks, right? The device gets a nice performance boost through the use of Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Enhanced Write Filter;  In this case, EWF disables writes to the SSD and keeps browser cache and app data in the faster RAM memory. That adds a little complexity when installing applications or saving data, but it might be a tolerable trade-off. Text entry, navigation and other input is done through the touchscreen or via the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Very nice!

So: MID or UMPC? I agree with jkk’s UMPC nomenclature, mainly because the small device runs a full desktop operating system. That offers the benefits of greater hardware and software capability. Whatever you call it, a device like this is certainly attractive!

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