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The Perfect Girl for iPhone

perfectgirlHey guys (and yes, I do just mean the guys on this one), lonely for Valentine’s Day? Need some positive reinforcement? Maybe just a quick, chauvinistic laugh? If you answered with an emphatic “Yes!” to any of the preceding and have an extra 99 cents to spend in the App Store, it appears to be your lucky day! Perfect Girl is a novelty app for your iPhone or iPod touch, and is purported to play all of the things you may want to hear from the fairer sex.

Look, by no means am I the perfect man (despite Perfect Girl assuring me otherwise), but much of this app comes across as horribly offensive to women — and no, I’m not saying this under duress from my wife! That said, there were a couple of chuckle-inducing comments. My favorites being:

“I repaired your permissions.”

“I stole you some spray paint.”

“I love ninjas!”

“Happy birthday, I got you a monkey!”

The app is totally bare bones and there are no settings to Perfect Girl. All you get is a button labeled, “Speak.” (Demeaning much?) If you shake the phone, that will also initiate some sort of positive feedback from your iPhone/iPod touch.

Honestly, this app seems like a major waste of 99 cents to me. But if you’re in a bad place right now, or need your spirits lifted with the impending lover’s holiday, maybe it’ll be worth it to you. Me, I’ll take one of the dozens of fart apps for a good laugh, any day of the week. And twice on Valentine’s Day.

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