Telenav comes to the Android G1


telenav-androidI have been a long-time customer of the Telenav GPS Navigator service and have enjoyed it on both the Windows Mobile platform and the Shotgun standalone device.  The Telenav Navigator software works very well and the integration with the online service makes it a tight combination.

The folks at Telenav have announced they are coming to the Android platform, and the Telenav software will be available on Feb. 24 from their web site.  The Telenav software will work well on the large touch screen of the T-Mobile G1.  The software/service comes with a 30-day free trial and after that period the service is $9.99 per month.  The Telenav software will be available from the Android Market later this year.

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on the Telenav software for my G1 and I can tell you it works extremely well.  It displays nicely in either portrait or landscape orientation, and you have an option to specify a business/address for navigation by either voice or with the keyboard of the G1.  Telenav provides great traffic updates in real-time and can reroute you with one click in the event that traffic impacts your trip.  The Navigator software will also retrieve and present the weather forecast for your location upon request.

I will soon be showing the Telenav Navigator run on the G1 in a Mobile Tech Minutes video so stay tuned to see it in action.


James Kendrick

Understood on the monthly fee. I have been paying for the Telenav service for a good while as the traffic updates during my trips are very worthwhile given the abysmal Houston traffic.

Joel McLaughlin

Google will trump this with their own routing based on Google Maps.

I am NOT paying $9.99 a month for this.

I’ll just buy a dedicated GPS instead where I only have to update the maps once a year.

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