So long Palm OS, we knew you far too long

palm-pilotPalm has excited the tech world with the preview of its upcoming WebOS-based Pre smartphone and many felt that the old Palm OS was soon to be a thing of the past.  Palm officially stated this week that there will be no more phones produced with the Palm OS, so that makes it definite.  The Palm OS is to be no more.

While the Palm OS is so very dated, in a way it’s sad to see it go.  I remember my first Palm PDA (remember the Pilot?) and how cool it was to have a handheld device with icons on a little screen.  Palm single-handedly created an industry with the Palm OS and it didn’t take long for that to expand into an entire ecosystem as developers churned out tens of thousands of programs for the OS.  The amazing thing is most of those programs will still run on proper Palm OS-based devices even today, even apps produced years ago.

No question we will miss the Palm OS, even if for no other reasons than nostalgic ones, but the time has come to see it retired.  The world has moved on, as it always does, and the OS needs to get out of the way for the new WebOS.  See you around, Palm OS.  It’s been good knowing you.


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