Separating Your iPhone Favorite Contacts


Has the Favorites list within your iPhone’s (s aapl) Contacts app grown so long that you might as well be using the entire Contacts listing? As it turns out, I have a lot of favorite people too. So as the list grew out of control, I started using a little hack that has helped to organize the many people I like to call with a single touch. Keep reading to see how I tackled this issue, and see some possible App Store solutions as well.

You’ll obviously want to decide what sort of grouping works best for you and the contacts in your iPhone’s Favorite list. Start by editing your favorites list, and ordering the contacts by your desired categorization. For me, it’s ‘Friends’, ‘Family’, and ‘Work’. So I’ve created a new contact for each.

The first name field looks something like ——FRIENDS—— and then a bogus 1 (234) 567-890 number has been created (since the Contacts app will argue with you if you try to create an empty listing).

Then make sure to favorite these new contacts to add them to your list. Once in the list, move your new separator contacts to the top of the ordered categories you previously decided on. Sure, it makes your Favorites list just a bit longer, but the usability (at least for me) is increased significantly.


The App Store has a few possible solutions as well:

  • Fast Contacts is sort of a ‘kitchen sink’ option that does all kinds of sorting with your contacts data. It’s $1.99.
  • Q Contacts adds a search feature to your list, and buttons next to the results allow you to text, email, or call the contact right from there. The two latest reviews when I looked seem to like it, but ask for more speed, and a Favorites list…maybe this won’t help solve the problem I started this article with. It’s free though, so give it a shot.
  • InTouch Contacts appears to be another full-featured Contacts alternative that sorts in 5 different views, though it’s not immediately clear if you can create any custom lists. This one will cost you $2.99.

If you’ve got some useful tips for managing a lengthy Favorites list, or know of a killer contacts app for the iPhone (or iPod touch), do tell! It’s nice to share, and that’s what the Comments are for.

Author’s Note: I’ve been using this technique for a while and don’t recall whether the original inspiration for the idea was my own or not. I’m getting up there in my years, so if this was something I actually found elsewhere, it’s poor memory to blame for the lack of a shout-out, not a lack of respect…



I would really love to see an App that orders and creates the favorites contact list automatically from the x numbers you have dialed the most.

Simple as that!
Know of any?

Glenn Sogn

Hi Nick

You could look into our App called Alive Text, its a SMS/Text and Email template message App with a great functionality to group your favorites.

Latest version:

best regards
Glenn Sogn

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