Samsung to produce wireless USB on a chip for handhelds

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samsungarm-2This news item about Samsung almost slipped under the wire, at least it would had there been any wire.  Samsung has stated they will begin mass producing wireless USB on a chip in the spring.  We recently asked what happened to wireless USB as it seemed to be dying out and major players were going out of business.  Samsung is a big guy so it sounds like this will actually happen which is great news.

What is interesting is the applications that Samsung sees for their wireless USB chip.  The chip maker sees their chip being used in handheld devices like phones, MP3 players and the like not just to provide wireless syncing with computers but also for streaming media which makes perfect sense.  So maybe we’ll actually see wireless USB become a standard before too long.

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So they are pretty much hoping to replace Bluetooth with this standard? It would be nice to get something out there better then bluetooth, something a bit stronger, and less susceptible to interferance.

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