Mobile Tech Minutes: CablesToGo USB Extender


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Recently I mentioned that I was getting concerned about the Verizon USB727 modem I use and how it sticks out of my MacBook.  Reader Ron jumped in and left a comment:

Also those little usb adapters that let you do a 90 degree angle can help too.

Great advice and this Mobile Tech Minutes video shows my implementation of Ron’s advice.  Thanks Ron!


Phil Lee

Thanks for posting this. I got a USB modem at the weekend and remembered your post. A couple of cliks later and I’d ordered the same USB adapter to use with my MacBook.

James Kendrick

I am using the heck out of mine. It’s turned using my modem into a delight instead of the nerve-wracking (am I going to damage the modem) thing of the past.


You have some good stuff… But you said Macbook Pro, that’s definitely a Macbook. I just got mine the other day!

James Kendrick

My Verizon version did not ship with those unfortunately. It sounds like only the Sprint version comes with that which is nice. I don’t think Kevin got one either but I haven’t asked.


When I got the U727 from Sprint, it was packaged with a soft plastic holder and a USB extension cable. Nice thing about the plastic holder is it served as a clip to put it on the screen.

I agree, positioning it elsewhere can give you greater signal strength. I usually clip mine onto the screen and flip up the antenna as needed (which is rarely), but other times I’ll pull out a longer USB exention cable when I need to get a better signal (like a tall caddy at a restaurant or on top of the whiteboard at work).

Did your U727 not come with these, or do you just dislike them?


I use one of the 5000 extra USB cables lying around the office, which also allows me to put the modem near a window. YMMV

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