Google Cuts Radio, Newspaper Ads — What about TV?

Google (s GOOG) said today that it has cut its radio advertising program, Google Audio Ads. This follows the company’s announcement last month of the coming discontinuation of its newspaper advertising business, Google Print Ads.

This doesn’t mean a coming closure of Google’s other old media advertising effort in television, said Susan Wojcicki, Google VP of product management, in a blog post. “[W]e will continue to invest in our growing TV advertising business, where we can measure audience response and help advertisers understand how effective their ads are,” she wrote. She also said Google would invest in online streaming audio advertising.

Google TV Ads
has already signed NBC Universal, Bloomberg TV and the Hallmark Channel, and a spokesperson said Google is in the process of adding their inventory now.

Audio Ads came through Google’s 2006 acquisition of dMarc for a potential $1.24 billion (not all of which was paid, because the amount was attached to performance targets). Print Ads was an in-house project, also created in 2006. In both cases Google said the programs failed to have a large enough impact.