Qualcomm Includes NFC Technology In Some Mobile Chipsets


Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) has announced it will include support for NFC (Near Field Communications) technology into some of its mobile chipsets, which would allow people to swipe the phone near a reader to transfer information. Although this won’t actually mean the function gets used, having it available is a big step forward to swiping handsets across readers to pay for tickets and at checkouts and so on. Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis told ZDNet UK that major use of NFC technology isn’t going to happen soon — “I haven’t seen any compelling use-cases or business models yet — many, such as ‘digital wallets’, are solutions looking for problems. I don’t see people in London walking around with Oyster cards sticky-taped to the bottom of their mobile phones.” — and that as a major chipset provider to the mobile industry Qualcomm “tends to put pretty much anything in there” that might have some uptake”. Still, in the same way that GPS applications and services didn’t really take off until a significant number of handsets had them, NFC won’t really take off until a significant number of handsets have them.

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