Industry Moves: William Morris Digital Head Lewis Henderson Leaving


William Morris vet Lewis Henderson is leaving the talent agency after 17 years. Henderson, head of WMA’s digital media group since it was formed in 2006, during a phone call described the parting as amicable and said it was time to move on. No details about what he’ll do next: “I’ve had enough conversations with people that I felt confident.” He’s staying through the end of the month. The agency’s plans for the digital media group weren’t clear. So far, all they’ve issued is a statement from Chairman and CEO Jim Wiatt thanking Henderson: “We wish him the best, and look forward to working with him again in the future.” (Henderson took part in our Digital Media Year in Review last December; the video is embedded after the jump.)

Update: In an e-mail he just sent out, Henderson said the move “was purely driven by my desire to remove my agent hat and pursue a more entrepreneurial role.”

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