Analysts: Liberty Isn’t Serious About Sirius


The Sirius/Echostar drama took a new turn last night with reports that John Malone


d hill

This just illustrates how incompetent these analysts are and that they should be banned from commenting publicly on stocks.

Eric Williams

Liberty Media To Offer $250 Million Loan To 'Rescue' Sirius XM………

Wrong again….

Curt Pawloski

The XM satelites alone are worth as much as the debt and they can ube repurposed. It is a steal for Liberty.

Staci D. Kramer

Liberty's steady sales of IAC stock, which we have written about, would be happening either way. Liberty wouldn't need to sell IAC shares to raise money to cover a deal with Sirius.


You might want to check IACI insider sales before assuming Liberty is not interested, they are raising million in the last month

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