Startups, Strut Your Stuff at Green:Net!


Does this sound like a solid description of your startup? “We leverage Internet and computing technologies to fight climate change.” If so, then it could be a great fit to present during the LaunchPad session at our Green:Net conference to be held in San Francisco on March 24. We’re selecting 10 up-and-coming companies that are using the web, cell phones, wireless networks or software to create technology to combat global warming.

The bad news is you only have until this Friday at midnight (PST) to submit your company (do it here). The LaunchPad10 will get to showcase their startup or project on the main stage in front of hundreds of industry thought leaders — our speaker list is chock full of folks who are charging ahead at this intersection, including Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet inventor turned greentech investor; Rob Bernard, the chief environmental strategist at Microsoft; and three Google execs working on the search engine giant’s various green projects. It’s gonna be fun — you’ll want to be there.  Enter your company now!

You can also buy a ticket here.

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