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Qapacity: Find and Provide Services Through Networking

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qlogo-bigA little while ago, I reviewed the service offered by GigPark, which was essentially a referrals network to help people find and share service providers. Qapacity is a new tool that works along the same lines, although it goes about it in a completely different way. Qapacity seems more geared towards attracting service providers themselves, but it still has a lot to offer those looking to shop, not sell, too.

If you’re looking for another venue for promoting your services or investigating service providers to partner with, Qapacity is definitely worth checking out.

picture-31First, from the perspective of someone looking to sell their services, Qapacity presents a very attractive proposition. Basically, they give you a web site for free in exchange for your registration with their network. The web site they provide is designed to garner reviews from your current clients, in order to provide potential customers with testimonials about the quality of your work.

picture-5Upon signing up for Qapacity, you’re taken to your Dashboard, where you can fill in your profile details with the standard fare for social networks, and, if you want, offer a service to be added to Qapacity’s public listings. I noticed a strong resemblance to LinkedIn when browsing through the dashboard and profile options. When it comes to a site intended for professional networking, this is a good thing.

From the Dashboard, I proceeded to add a service to Qapacity, specifically my awesome freelance writing and editing abilities. The process was quick and painless, and once I’d provided a title, description and keywords for my service, I was able to specify a custom URL to point to my page under the “” domain.

picture-81You can customize your site’s content from top to bottom with Qapacity’s built-in WYSIWYG page editor, which also allows you to add modules. Modules available include video, maps, images, text and RSS feeds. You can add subpages that visitors can access via tabbed links at the top of your site, upload your own custom logo, and select from a few different themes and color combinations. It strikes me as a great way to set up a launchpad to refer people to from your Twitter account, for example, especially if you don’t have your own hosting and aren’t very comfortable with HTML.

As for sharing and promotion, which is the real purpose of the site, you’re constantly encouraged to either share your site via Facebook or email, or to invite other professionals to join in and grow Qapacity’s network. The idea behind the site, after all, is that you gather reviews and thus offer one-stop shopping for those looking for service providers.

picture-91From the perspective of someone looking for services, I found the interface to be underdeveloped. You can search for services by keyword, but there is no overall listing that you can browse. Some kind of broad categories and subcategories listing all services in that area would really add to Qapacity’s usefulness in this regard. Still, it was easy enough to find illustrators to work with for a promotional event I’m working on, but I had to know exactly what I was looking for to begin with.

Also, since Qapacity was originally a Spanish-language site, there aren’t many U.S. or North American-based providers available yet. Luckily with web work, that doesn’t always matter, but sometimes the language barrier comes into play.

Whether you’re looking to promote your own services, find a trustworthy provider, or find a partner for collaboration, any tool that provides meaningful connections with minimal investment is going to be useful, and Qapacity definitely accomplishes that goal. The major hurdle to success for Qapacity is getting community buy-in and promoting involvement, but the platform they’ve set up definitely encourages exactly that.

Have you tried Qapacity or a similar service? Share your thoughts in the comments.

One Response to “Qapacity: Find and Provide Services Through Networking”

  1. Referrals and reviews from clients are so important in certain industries. Qapacity can be used for keeping track of your trusted professionals and discovering new ones. Isn’t that kind of thing done best in person, or by word of mouth?