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NTRglobal Adds Remote Support Tools To Your Service Offering

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NTRsupport LogoIn the current economic climate, many web workers are trying to increase revenues by expanding their service offerings. One popular way of doing that is to offer remote desktop technical support.

There are many tools and services available that can get you connected remotely with users seeking technical support. In New Ways to Make Money Online, Mike and Aliza pointed us to Copilot and Bomgar, while I looked at how to Sell Your Expertise Online With Crossloop.

Another option in this space, which I have been trialing for the past few weeks, is NTRsupport.

NTRsupport is actually much more than just a remote access solution, it comprises a full suite of tools to provide end-to-end support, starting with a customizable FirstHelp web site.

NTRsupport - FirstHelp Configuration

FirstHelp is a self-help starting point for your customers to get support before initiating or requesting a remote session. With it you can create and customize a branded portal with news, support documents, FAQs and more. Your FirstHelp site can be open to the public or kept secure for your existing clients.

While the FirstHelp area is designed to be a first support step, you can also integrate support buttons into your existing web site or email. This makes it really easy for your contacts to connect with you for help via chat. The chat client is feature rich and allows for pre-scripted replies and push of images and URLs to the client.

If it is necessary to move to the next step, you can initiate a full remote session. There are multiple modes and options available ranging from desktop sharing to full control and administration.

The options and tools available to you in remote support mode are impressive. In addition to standard options to control screen size and resolution, you can easily transfer and push files, print remotely, or run a diagnostics report.

NTRsupport - Diagnostics

The diagnostics report is detailed and impressive. It gives you a full report on hardware and software, service packs, and other configuration details. Each report is stored as a snapshot in history so you can go back to review them at a later date to see changes made.

Also available are options for unattended remote support using what they term Installable Remote Controls (IRCs). These allow you log in remotely without user intervention.

Security and cross-platform compatibility are built right in and it seems to work well even over a dial up connection, although you may want to reduce the colors displayed.

I’ve really only scratched the surface of the features and functionality available as part of the NTRsupport service. It turns out to be one of those serendipitous things where the developers use their own product to support their own services internally and with their customers. This really shows as during a demo presentation and my own testing I got the impression that NTRsupport is thoughtfully developed.

While I have focused mostly on how this would work for an independent worker or small team, NTRsupport is an enterprise-capable system. It offers full queuing and routing capabilities and can even integrate with your existing ACD system so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Pricing is dependent on number of operator licenses and Installable Remote Controls. They will help you put together a package that fits your business needs. I found pricing to be right in line with comparable services, but the addition of their outstanding FirstHelp functionality has me leaning in their direction. I particularly like the ability to brand and integrate the service into an existing infrastructure.

The folks at NTRglobal are offering WebWorkerDaily readers a complimentary demonstration, a 15-day free trial and a special offer of $1288 per license. To take advantage of this go ahead and request a quote, and be sure to include WebWorkerDaily in the comments. Someone will contact you and make the necessary arrangements.

Do you provide remote technical support? What tools do you use?

8 Responses to “NTRglobal Adds Remote Support Tools To Your Service Offering”

  1. is the best tool we tested, its £160 per license FOREVER, you can self host or rent monthly if required, if you buy 10 then it becomes a unlimited license, cheaper, quicker and more compatible with UAC problems than everything we tested, and embedding in our website took 30 seconds, amazing !!,, if you want to see a demo of the embedding its at and you can get it at , the guys there were really helpful, gave us a free demo account to trial with and helped us no end to tweak it how we wanted to use it, I would honestly recommend this product.

  2. I’ve tested quite a number of these remote support tools, and the best I’ve found based on ease of use and pricing is Techinline Remote Desktop ( I’ve been using it for over a year and my clients absolutely love the simplicity of the connection process. Plus the functionality has increased dramatically over this time-period as well