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iPod Touch Helps Mobile Internet Grow & Grow & …

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On the day I give up on my iPhone and trade it in for the iPod Touch, AdMob, a mobile advertising startup released its report that shows a big uptick in mobile Internet usage via Wi-Fi in the month of January 2009. According to AdMob, Apple (s AAPL) devices generated 28 percent more requests (1.2 billion) in January versus December 2008. The iPod touch growth outpaced iPhone growth and now represents 40 percent of Apple requests, up from 20 percent in September 2008.

  • The U.S. states that generated the most Mobile Internet via WiFi traffic are California with 18 percent, New York with 14 percent, and Texas with eight percent
  • Number of worldwide requests increased 8% month over month to 6.8 billion.
  • The G1 (HTC Dream) was the number 18 device in the US with 0.9% share in December. Android has 3% Operating System Share in the US.
  • Nokia and Sony Ericsson are the number two and three handset makers in Western Europe, with 22% and 17% share, respectively.
  • Nokia dominates the smartphone category with 11 of the top 15 devices.
  • Worldwide the Windows Mobile OS has 8% share of smartphone requests.

Source: AdMob Metrics Report, Jan 2009.

This is a trend that is only gathering momentum. In Western Europe, Apple’s iPod Touch had a 10 percent share of the total requests, while on a global scale it accounted for 7.4 percent of the total requests.


In the U.S. alone, iPod Touch generated about 12.3 percent of the total requests. For Apple, iPod Touch provides the volumes that allows it to sell more applications via its iTunes App store. In its most recent quarter, Apple reported selling more than 22 million iPods. It has sold more than 500 million applications. As I wrote earlier, “over a period of time, the iPod Touch will become an increasingly important booster of the mobile web.”

Also, folks, since these numbers are from a single company and its clients who use its advertising system, I would take them with a pinch of salt, but they do represent a larger trend about Wi-Fi usage.

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23 Responses to “iPod Touch Helps Mobile Internet Grow & Grow & …”

  1. I just purchased an ipod touch for the purpose of music and web. Since I am now to this high tech stuff..I am trying to find how I can access wifi, and what the steps are.. do I need to purchased a wireless mobile package? Am I on the right track?
    Any help would be great, as I am blind.. right now just using the ipod touch for music.. which is boring.

  2. “over a period of time, the iPod Touch will become an increasingly important booster of the mobile web.”

    Om: As a user of both the iPod touch and the iPhone, I am not too sure that the touch is a booster of the mobile web. The main problem I faced with the touch is the availability / clunkiness of logging into wifi. (by clunkiness I mean you have to fire up a web browser and do some login – not fast enough for a quick email check ) However I was a big user of the iPod touch in my home and friends homes, work wifi etc etc.In general I used the touch’s browser a lot, for example when I was watching TV.

    The biggest advantage I had once I got the iPhone was true mobile web connection wherever I was …

    What admob (which powers a lot of ads in ipod touch games for example) is a lot of ipod touch usage. It remains to be seen whether this usage is truly “mobile” . I think what they are seeing is a lot of ipod touch web connected usage. I would bet this usage is at home / office etc instead of being truly mobile….

    • @Yuvamani

      i use boingo wireless and it works in many places. it is simple to log into. another software to use is devicescape. you are going to find life improves once you get one of these two apps.

      on the mobile web usage if it is truly mobile – you have a point there.

    • ..I don’t know how you consider it clunky. The iPod Touch logs into wifi the best I have ever seen in a device. You should try to log into wifi with a PSP. Now that is torture..

  3. Too bad. The ideal solution is to keep the iPhone as a better iPod touch than the iPod touch with camera, GPS and cellular data, better speaker, microphone. But AT&T won’t let you keep an iPhone with just the data plan. I have an iPhone 3G 16 and a gen 1 iPod touch 16. I did have my gen 1 iPhone and 3G for a while before selling the gen 1. I regretted the sale because the touch is inferior to a 1G iPhone without a data plan.

  4. I’m not surprised, I have an iTouch because AT&T requires you purchase there Data Plan with an iPhone. So I have an iTouch and to hell with AT&T. I was ready to drop my Verizon account and sign my family up with AT&T until I looked into AT&T service plan.