Daily Apple: Pushy Leopard, Beta Shut Down, & Broken Hearts

iPhone Push to Be Delivered Alongside Snow Leopard? – Warning: this post is long, very involved, and pretty detailed. That said, it is very informative, and it presents a well-reasoned argument for why background push notification for third-party apps might be integrally tied to Apple’s upcoming Snow Leopard operating system. It better be.

Adobe eBooks Support Coming to Stanza – The Kindle 2 may have only just recently come out, and it looks like it may be a very nice little reading machine, but Stanza isn’t about to stand by and let it take back some of its many readers. They’ve just announced upcoming support for Adobe eBooks, which will broaden their huge library even more. Take that, Bezos.

Windows 7 Public Beta Starting to Shut Down – Microsoft opened up the initial pool of public beta testers for Windows 7 beyond their initial limit, but now they’re starting to shut down the servers that house the image file for download. All new downloads have already been cut off, and now they’re just letting those who’ve started finish up.

A Tale of Broken Networks and Broken Hearts – Over at GigaOm today, network head Om Malik has a post up about the end of his love affair with Apple’s iPhone. It wasn’t you, iPhone, it was AT&T’s network. Somehow, that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Jailbroken iPhone Gets Turn-by-Turn, The Rest of Us Still Lost – A Cydia app called xGPS, which has been around for a while, just got a big update, which allows it now to deliver true turn-by-turn navigation, like the talking kind, on top of Google’s Maps app. If only that feature weren’t more lost than background push notification for legit phones.