Holy Bleep! Blip.fm is in Trouble

blipbannerBlip.fm, a micro-messaging service that allows folks to tweet their favorite songs and create social interactions around music, is on life support, according to The Wall Street Journal. Fuzz Artists, the company behind Blip.fm, has cut two-third of its staff and is down to just four people. It was launched in June 2007. Jeff Yasuda, founder and CEO, tells the Journal that he is going shut down Fuzz.com but will be keeping Blip.fm going since the company has some money. But that money can’t keep the lights on forever. Blip was a hit with the early adopters, and there is a good chance it might attract some bargain hunters. Last.fm or Spotify could be good homes for this service. (Update: Apparently the cuts happened in October 2008, according to The Daily Deal.)