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Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta, Now With Better Hiding

picture-15I have no numbers to back this up, but based on personal experience, and anectdotal evidence, I would say that a lot of Mac users are probably using some kind of multi-client IM application like Adium or aMSN. That said, I believed until quite recently that everyone used Messenger identities, only to find that in the U.S., AIM is much more popular. That sort of leaves Yahoo! Messenger out of the picture, but perhaps their newly released 3.0 Beta can change that.

The new beta brings a number of improvements, including support for adding Windows Live contacts, which has been available on the PC version of the software for quite some time. Yahoo! Messenger also now boasts some of the same VOIP features that Skype offers, including receiving and calling out to landline and mobile phones, call forwarding, and voicemail services, all of which are available for an additional fee.

picture-24It also introduces stealth settings, which is a selective invisibility filter, meaning you can appear offline to specific, individual users, and remain online for everyone else. I call this “Adultery Mode.” Shame on you if you use it. Shame.

You can also share huge files, up to 2GB, send SMS messages, and broadcast live video to more than one user at a time. As an IM client, Yahoo! Messenger does present some nice extras, and its basic functionality is straightforward and, unlike AIM, not overly distracting visually. Best feature of Yahoo! Messenger for the Mac? The giant, extremly happy smiley face in your dock. Still, I’m definitely not giving up Adium anytime soon.

7 Responses to “Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta, Now With Better Hiding”

  1. I know beta 3.0 has been out for a while too. I’m using it, since I don’t have any other accounts I log into (I’ve kinda given up on my MSN). There’s still quite a few bugs on this version that needs to be worked on, like being able to keep the font format (I have to change it everytime I log in & out), or the occasional loss of my avatar. Quality for voice calls isn’t so good either. I still go for Skype.

  2. hasn’t the 3.0 beta been out for quite a while? I’ve never been able to get a voice conversation to work. Yahoo really has some catching up to do for their mac client compared to their windoze client.

    I use Adium, which can support myspace and facebook chat protocols as well.

  3. The voice conversation feature works great now, but the webcam feature seems to be broken. Webcam spins on “Starting webcam” for several minutes and then sometimes get a “Permission denied.” Anyone else see this issue?