Vid-Biz: Safe Eyes, Star Trek, Netbooks

1 Comment Launches Safe Eyes for the iPhone; app lets parent block objectionable content from being seen on kids’ mobile devices. (emailed release)

GoAnimate Adds Star Trek Characters; boldy create an animation no one has ever created before using animated versions of Kirk, Spock and even a few Tribbles. (GoAnimate)

Netbooks to Get HD Video; new version of the Intel Atom chip is being paired with the GN40 chipset that includes hardware-based 720p HD video decoding. (Last100)

Preview Netflix on Windows Mobile Devices; manage your queue and get a peek at movies through the magic of streaming video. (Zatz Not Funny!)

E! to Get Verizon Hub Channel; E! News, Daily 10 and The Soup will get segments on the touch-screen device. (TVWeek)

Older Audiences Drove Hulu Adoption; premium video site initially attracted audiences older than 55 when it first launched. (The Wall Street Journal)

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This goanimate site is great. My family are huge Trek fans. Maybe one day they’ll update to TNG characters. I’m sure my dad would like to see some Counselor Troi animations.

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