Social Networks Leapfrog Each Other in Latest Metrics

2 Comments is out with its latest metrics on audiences for social networks, and web workers may find some surprises in the who’s hot and who’s not roundup. The top 10 list is seen below, and a full list of the Top 25 is available below the fold. As you would expect, Facebook and MySpace are easily the top two in terms of both unique visitors and monthly visits, but Facebook has surged past MySpace recently with nearly 69 million unique visitors. 

In addition to the usual suspects, there are some surprises on the list.

Twitter shot up from number 22 on Compete’s list last year to number three this year, with nearly 6 million unique visitors and over 54 million monthly visits. Orkut dropped from number 15 to number 21, but I’m surprised to even see it still on this list. LinkedIn jumped up from number nine to number five, and that jibes with increasing buzz about it that I’ve heard about it recently. Microsoft is even advertising for employees on LinkedIn

Ning, which allows users to set up their own social networks on far-ranging topics shot up from number 23 on the list to number 12 this year. I still don’t find Ning to have enough content related to my work to attract me there often, but the channels do keep growing. Here is Compete’s complete list of the top 25 social networks, ranked by monthly visits in January:

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