Software Pushes Phone Pics to Digital Photo Frame


dsm-210_mainD-Link has offered their DSM-210 digital photo frame for a while now. The 10-inch frame can pull pics through your wired or wireless network from Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Facebook or even from RSS feeds. Standard fare for digital frames with web capabilities, right?
Customers of Cellcom, a Wisconsin-based cellular carrier get a wee bit more functionality on the DSM-210. Using D-Link’s FrameChannel software, Cellcom handset owners can indirectly push photos from their handset to the photo frame. The tech wizardy really just uses the phone to upload pics from the handset to an online photo service, and the frame pulls them down for viewing. Still, it’s a nice value-add integration and an easy way to move pics from a handset to a frame, no?

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