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Involer: Remarkably Simple Invoicing for Your Mac

picture-9Oh, invoicing, how I love thee! Seriously, being naturally hopeless when it comes to numbers, and generally terrified of paperwork and tedious “administrivia,” I am eager to test out any and all solutions that might help me avoid recurring nightmares involving marching columns of ominous figures. Especially if they are Mac-friendly. Enter Involer (10-day free trial, $19.99), a new app which matches all of the above criteria.

It may be symptomatic of Mac users in general, but I immediately had a superficial attraction to Involer because of the app’s icon and GUI design. In both cases, the app’s designer opted to keep things simple, and to make sure it integrated well with Leopard’s trademark look and feel. At the same time, the appearance of Involer is just unique enough that you won’t go mistaking it for anything else.

picture-61Involer also gets points for simplicity. As I mentioned above, numbers and accounting is a daunting task for me, so an invoicing app that looks intimidating can quickly send me scurrying back to the safety of my archaic Word docs, which are all manual and very time consuming, but reassuringly familiar. With Involer, everything you need is in one convenient window, and after playing with the interface for a couple of minutes, I was up and running.


The process of setting up an invoice is remarkably easy. Simply add a Company in the upper left pane, then add a Client in said company in the lower left, and then add an Invoice in the bottom right section. Involer does not try to be a word processor as well as an invoicing app, so you just add items to the invoice using the little plus/minus icons, and then click “Preview” to see what your client will be receiving.

picture-71If you want, you can add information about your company, including Tax/VAT number, and about your client. You can also easily check items off as paid/unpaid, and print and print-to-PDF via buttons at the bottom of the invoice pane. Involer stores all invoices you create automatically, and organizes them by date, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally losing a stray file or making errors in your file naming conventions.

Involer may not be as feature-rich or customizable as some of the other options out there, but if you’re like me, and you just want an app that takes all the detail work and heavy-lifting out of invoicing clients, it might be the right choice for you.

Have you tried Involer? What invoicing tools do you use?

6 Responses to “Involer: Remarkably Simple Invoicing for Your Mac”

  1. Nice little app.

    However it might not work for all of us. Especially if you need an app that sends the invoices automatically, or if you want your clients to login somewhere to see a history of all payments.

  2. Ive been using Transtrac who let you create invoices from the web and then track them to make sure they are received and paid on time. Best bit is if your suppliers are on there too you can see an overview of everything you are owed and need to pay at the same time

    the website is