IBM Scorns Cisco and Gets Serious About Clouds

ibmlogoIBM (s IBM) yesterday trumpeted its cloud computing strategy with a demonstration at its Silicon Valley campus and a press release touting new customers, products and other tidbits we are going to ignore (you can read the release here). Amidst it all, however, IBM did announce two important things. The first was via an internal memo that let staffers know that Erich Clementi, GM of enterprise initiatives — otherwise known as the guy heading IBM’s cloud efforts — will report directly to Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano.

With this reporting change, IBM is signaling that cloud computing isn’t a mere services play, but has broad potential for enterprise IT. The other noteworthy item could be found in Big Blue’s press release: It’s chosen Juniper Networks (s JNPR) as its partner for overflow clouds. Great news for Juniper, but also an indication that IBM isn’t impressed with Cisco (s CSCO)  intruding on its turf with a rumored line of servers, and other jaunts into the data center.